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With years of experience and a passion for the industry, our specialists are the perfect partner for your online gaming business.

SEO Strategy

Do you need a full SEO team for your online gaming business? Or maybe your current team needs some support and guidance. At Dormell we can help you develop a feasible strategy from realistic SEO objectives, in order to meet your business needs.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research forms the base for concrete outreach in the online gaming market and is vital component of any SEO strategy. It must be comprehensive and accurate, which is what we make sure of, allowing us to forecast realistic projections of market opportunities for your business.

Penalty Recovery

The Dormell team is made up of experienced SEO consultants, who have helped clients overturn the penalties that are being held against their site. There are various reason why penalties exist but we know just how to help get rid them and help improve your rankings.

Technical Audit

A full website audit will ensure that your site is properly analysed. This is important so that search engines are able to discover, crawl and ultimately index your web pages successfully, for maximum online visibility.

Reporting & Analysis

At Dormell we know that you want to see return on your investment. SEO is an organic process, so we provide monthly reporting on Google visibility, analytics, conversions and revenue for your online gaming site. This will determine whether your SEO investment is meeting your objectives over time.

Onsite SEO

A full onsite audit of all our clients’ website page is conducted so that our online gaming specialists can fully comprehend the current position of the client. From that, recommendations can be made so that content can become more relevant according to your targeted keywords.

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